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With Usenet, you can share files and communicate affordably, privately, uncensored, and with amazing speeds.

Usenet is far from dead and has massively improved over the years while the retention is still increasing.

What are the best Usenet service providers?

You can base your choice of your preference – value, speed, retention, or extra features.

We compared unlimited Usenet service providers by a few key points. We mainly test for the available packages (price), connectivity, speed, days of retention & download completion. Some providers offer extras like a VPN account (Virtual Private Network) to e.g. be able to stream from Netflix, Hulu, and other geo-restricted content.

Test free Usenet providers for a limited time (free trial). Short on time? Our editors choices are listed first.

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  1. Easynews: ($29.94 – $7.50 (58% off)) – Best Usenet Search with uncapped speed + FREE VPN service
  2. Newshosting: ($19.94 – $8.33 (58% off)) – uncapped speed + FREE VPN
  3. UsenetServer: ($19.94 – $7.95 (60% off)) – uncapped speed + FREE VPN
  4. Tweaknews: (€12.95 – €7.50 (42% off)) – NL backbone with uncapped speed + FREE VPN
  5. Eweka: (€9.60 – €7.00 (27% off)) – NL backbone with uncapped speed
  6. PureUsenet: (€7.47 – €5.97 (20% off)) – EU newsserver with uncapped speed
  7. USENEXT: (€9.95 – €7.95 (20% off)) – EU newsserver with 30 GB high-speed + unlim. data at lower speed


Easynews, one of the best Usenet providers

Searching & Downloading Unified

Easynews is the leading Usenet innovator. An all-in-one provider that combines unlimited Usenet access with a newsreader and NZB search – a separate indexer is no longer needed.

You’ll get unlimited speed and an excellently designed web interface (with video streaming) that is easy to use. The Usenet web access is one of its great selling points as no (few) others have it.

It is optimized for mobile devices which makes previewing files and streaming videos a pleasure to use. You can even Chromecast the videos to your TV.

Due to its outstanding search technology, it has the widest and most accurate Usenet (web) browser results.

On top of all that, you’ll get the highest retention in the industry and the ultra-fast zero-log PrivadoVPN for free.

Read our extended product Easynews review on this website.


  • All-in-one Usenet experience
  • Best search results on Usenet
  • Independent EU and US backbone
  • Highest retention
  • Video streaming and file previews
  • Mobile-friendly access
  • Web interface
  • VPN access (Zero-Log) free of charge
  • Exclusive 75% lifetime discount
  • 7-day free trial


  • No Bitcoin payments


Newshosting apps

Best Usenet access with highest retention

Newshosting has been one of the best Usenet companies for years. They have a modern Usenet client interface and operate their independent server networks on multiple locations (US and EU).

This top provider maintains its newsfeeds, and delivers lightning-fast download speeds with great download completion and excellent (text) retention rates (incl. binary retention). You’ll be able to access over 110,000 newsgroups (news servers) and easily find the Usenet spots you are looking for.

You can use Newshosting on Windows, MacOS, and Linux operating systems. A complimentary high-quality newsreader with integrated Usenet search and the free zero-log PrivadoVPN are included, making Newshosting a superb value for money.

Read our extended Newshosting review.


  • Free newsreader with search
  • Highest retention (and continues to grow)
  • Independent EU and US backbone
  • Solid completion rate
  • Fast speeds
  • Free VPN access (Zero-Log)
  • 100 (SSL) Connections
  • Lifetime exclusive for ShareConnector visitors
  • 14-day free trial


  • Limited payment methods
  • No real-time customer support
  • VPN Windows interface



Award-Winning Search

UsenetServer is a renowned Usenet service known for its affordable unlimited access to Usenet with high speeds and some of the best binary and text retentions in the business (>13 years). They operate their own independent server farms in both the US and EU and have been regarded as one of the best back-end newsgroup service providers for decades.

UsenetServer also supports NZB and with its free NZB downloader/search engine, you can find Usenet posts and create NZBs. However, UNS does not have a newsreader but works well with the most popular clients like NewsLeecher. You also get the zero-log and blazing-fast PrivadoVPN.

Read our extended UsenetServer review.


  • Best value for unlimited Usenet
  • Independent EU and US backbone
  • Longest retention (text and binary)
  • Usenet client search feature
  • Free VPN (Zero-Log)
  • Free 14-day trial


  • Limited payment methods
  • VPN Windows interface



Big Retention & Free Zero-Log VPN

Tweaknews is an independent Usenet service provider with exceptional article retention and completion ratio. This is important for accessing older articles. They also have their own Windows-based Usenet client with solid features.

This service is great for users outside the US, like European users. Because of they have only got EU server clusters, this may affect access speeds of users outside Europe. But it certainly is the best European Usenet provider.

A TweakNews account includes top speeds, a free high-quality newsreader with a built-in search function and file-preview, plus the zero-log and blazing-fast PrivadoVPN .
This entire service package is only €7,50 per month (annual plan), making it clearly one of the best-value packages you can get.

Read our extended Tweaknews review.


  • Best completion rates 99,99%
  • Independently operated EU servers
  • 60 (SSL) connections
  • Free zero-log VPN
  • Awesome download speeds
  • Upgraded retention to 4200 days
  • Free trial – 10 days with 50 GB
  • Free newsreader with search + preview


  • EU server clusters only
  • No online chat support
  • VPN Windows interface


Eweka NewsLazer

Dutch Usenet Leader

Eweka has been one of the most respected Dutch Usenet services for over 20 years. They provide high-quality Usenet access with great retention, completion rates, and speed. This is because they own all of their data centers.

A free newsreader is included in the account. It allows you to search Usenet, NZB importing, auto-downloading, and file previews. With the 27% lifetime discount and a one-week free trial with unlimited downloads, it is one of the most tempting Usenet offers available anywhere.

EU server clusters only, which may affect access speed of users outside Europe.

Read our extended Eweka review.


  • Reputable Dutch Usenet provider
  • Independent EU backbone
  • Uncapped speed and data
  • Free newsreader with search
  • High article completion and retention rates
  • Free trial with unlimited data


  • No Bitcoin payments
  • No real-time customer support
  • EU server clusters only

Pure Usenet

Pure Usenet provider

Best budget EU deal

Pure Usenet offers fast, secure, and reliable Usenet access with exceptional binary retention of over 4,100 days and SSL encryption included in every account. With a free 7-day trial and packages starting at just €3.09/month, Pure Usenet is an affordable option for premium Usenet access.

As a Tier 1 provider, Pure Usenet’s network is among the fastest in the industry, and their 24/7/365 support ensures a trouble-free experience. Plus, enjoy maximum speed, unfiltered content, and anonymous access.

Sign up now and save 20% on annual accounts.


  • High retention
  • High speeds
  • Optimal price for slower internet
  • Bitcoin and iDeal payments possible
  • FREE 7-day trial


  • Relatively few connections
  • No additional features



Break the Usenet speed limit!

UseNeXT is an excellent Usenet provider. It has an attractive price and unlimited downloads with nearly unlimited speed. UseNeXT is a perfect choice if you want to download with virtually unlimited (and unthrottled) speed for the lowest price.

UseNeXT has multiple data centers in the United States and the EU, supporting those high speeds we measured. You can test it, for two weeks free of charge, to determine if it suits you before you pay.

Read our extended UseNeXT review.


  • Download speeds up to 800 Mbit/s
  • High retention
  • VPN service included
  • FREE 14-day trial


  • Download speed of older files is low
  • Data limit – no unlimited package

Giganews is not included in this comparison due to its recently declining retention and download completeness, as reported by customer experiences on Trustpilot and other review sites.

7 key factors when choosing an Usenet service provider

To help you find your best Usenet server that is tailored to your use case, consider these seven criteria:

Pricing plans

A reliable Usenet service will set you back an average of $5-$10/month. Choose the plan that suits your needs and internet speed. Basic unlimited access without extras and with limited speed costs around $5/month.

Speed and Connections

Maximize your Usenet download speed by prioritizing a fast internet connection, instead of just relying on multiple connections. You can increase Usenet download speeds (data transfer capacity) by using multiple connections. With 20-40 connections, you can get the most out of your bandwidth, depending on your internet connection.

Retention growth

Retention is the make-or-break feature of a quality Usenet service for optimal search results and retention should increase all the time. Make sure to choose a Usenet supplier with high retention rates and a large Usenet archive to maximize your access to articles and improve your overall experience on Usenet.

Equally important to file retention is header retention (the time the headers are stored). By searching headers, you can easily find content on Usenet. Most of the top Usenet services use the HW Media backbone.

Completion ratio

Ensure successful downloads by choosing a Usenet company with a high completion ratio with few or without missing parts or incomplete Usenet posts.

Unlimited and secure access

Top Usenet services do not limit your access, throttle speeds or obstruct you in any other way. Every good Usenet service should have SSL included. Keep your Usenet searches private and safe with 256-bit SSL encryption.

Server network and Locations

Usenet service providers which operate their own server network are more reliable. The location and concentration of Usenet servers on the globe is also important, depending on your current location.

If you download from Europe, make sure the provider has European servers to get the best (unlimited) speeds, for example. Better is of course a provider with US and EU servers.

Extra’s like free VPN

To stay protected and to streamline your Usenet experience, some Usenet service providers come with free premium VPNs and optimized newsreaders from the best providers on the market.

For more information on these criteria, you can look at our Usenet provider reviews. (For example, the Pure Usenet review with interesting block accounts)


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best Usenet service?

The best Usenet service provider is Easynews. It’s an all-in-one web-based service for which you don’t need to install anything and can use it on any device. It is optimized for mobile devices which makes previewing files and streaming videos a pleasure to use.

Can you still access Usenet?

Yes, you can still access Usenet. Several Usenet Providers offer access to Usenet newsgroups with different plans and pricing options.

Do I need a Usenet provider?

Yes, you always need a Usenet service provider and when you use Easynews, you don’t need a separate newsreader and NZB search engine.

Is Usenet illegal?

Usenet is not illegal, just as the internet isn’t. But it is still your responsibility to make sure, you don’t do anything illegal, for example, with UsenetServer.

Do Usenet Providers have servers in the US and Europe?

Yes, many Usenet Providers have servers in both the United States and Europe. This allows users to access Usenet from different locations and get faster download speeds.

Can I get a free trial with Usenet Providers?

Yes, many Usenet Providers offer a free trial period, which can range from a few days to a few weeks. Some providers, such as Newshosting, offer a special promotion where you can get 3 free months of service.

Are there any free Usenet providers?

Permanently free of charge Usenet access is slow, painfully limited, and not worth your time. Most Usenet providers like Easynews offer a free trial period.

Do I need VPN with Usenet?

Using a VPN with Usenet is not necessary, when you use the Usenet SSL protection, because VPN will unnecessarily reduce your download speeds. When you download torrents, it is on the other hand highly recommended.

How much does usenet cost?

Basic Usenet plans can start as low as $10 per month, while premium plans with more features can cost around $30 per month.

How does Usenet compare with torrents?

Usenet offers faster download speeds, higher privacy, and better retention rates compared to torrents. While torrents are free, Usenet provides a more reliable and secure way to access a vast library of content.

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