Don’t know which of the many news servers (Usenet providers) is the best for you?

Then try some free Usenet trials.
It’s on of the best ways to get familiar which provider (Usenet server) suits you, without paying.

Step 1

Choose your best free Usenet trial(s) & experiment =)

Click here for 14 days or 30 GB of data from Newshosting

Then choose a package & complete step 2. No iDeal payment.

Click here for 14 days or 10 GB of data from Easynews

Then choose a package & complete step 2. No iDeal payment.

Click here for 14 days or 10 GB of data from UsenetServer

Then choose a package where it says “Usenet Free Trials” & complete step 2. 

No iDeal payment.

Click here for 7 days with 50 GB data from Tweaknews

Enter your email address, then choose a package and complete step 2.

Click here for 7 days unlimited data from Pure Usenet

Then click on “Start the 7-day trial.” Choose a package and complete step 2.

Click here for 52% off Eweka’s unlimited Usenet plan.

This deal includes a 30 day risk free money back guarantee.

Deal is available through the link above.

Click here for 14 days unlimited download of USENEXT

Then click on “Test for free now” & complete step 2.

By the way, there is no such thing as a 750GB trial, as other websites claim. 

Step 2

Enter your contact information and payment method. What? Do I have to pay something? No, feel free to read on.

The amount chosen for authorization, of your free UN trial, is reserved on your credit card or Paypal, but not charged. This applies to Usenet service, Newshosting, UsenetServer & Easynews.

Easily link your bank account/credit card to Paypal. It is simple, safe, and has purchase protection. There is no such thing as a free Usenet trial with no credit card required.

Tip! If you decide to use the service past the 14-day/download limit (download limit only applies to UsenetServer, Newshosting & Easynews), you will be charged for the chosen plan and then have 30 days of Usenet access with your new subscription (for monthly Usenet plans).

Below you see the Newshosting control panel and as you can see, it says PENDING (awaiting) during your free UN trial period and not, written off. So, it is completely free, if you cancel in time, before the trial ends. 

The rest, like the remaining download quota in KB, is self-explanatory. For more info check out our Newshosting VPN review.

Newshosting control panel

Free premium payservers

Free premium payservers have:

  • Highest retention – constantly increasing!
  • Unlimited speed
  • 256-bit SSL encryption
  • 24/7 customer support

The above-mentioned free Usenet servers, with limited Usenet access, have different packages. Compare a premium Usenet provider for free during the trial period or compare them on price and average score on the ShareConnector homepage.

Don’t feel like it?

Then you won’t be disappointed with the best free Usenet news servers we’ve chosen with industry best (binary) retention.

The best Usenet servers also have a free VPN right away. However, are they comparable to a topper like NordVPN?

Most Internet service providers (ISP) do not offer their customers any or limited newsgroup access, let alone access to free Usenet groups.

free usenet

So how can I download Usenet content?

The easiest way to access Usenet is with Easynews, a Usenet provider, downloader/streamer, & search engine. Easynews has the best search results of any of the mentioned services and unlimited free NNTP server access. And Easynews is also a good NZBGeek alternative (or any NZB site).

Another option is Spotnet, although no longer our favorite. In this case, you have to create an additional Spotnet account and you’re done!

There is no Spotnet for Apple OS X or Linux. For that, use Spotlite, so you can download files from newsgroups.

Spotnet will pull in a lot of spots at the beginning, and that can take a long time with limited speed, and number of connections. So try it first with the above-mentioned free premium Usenet trials. You can then immediately download spots because Spotnet is also a download program.

free Usenet trials

A second method is using an NZB search engine (Usenet search). You then obviously need a newsgroup reader (Usenet client/newsreader/news server/download program). Just like in Spotnet you fill in your provider settings in your newsreader and you can download NZB.

You download an NZB file that you found with an NZB site. Open your NZB file with your newsreader and your download will start. One advantage of NZB indexer sites as a Spotnet alternative is that you can find much more.

A good indexer is Binsearch or the best Binsearch alternative. The advantage of free Usenet providers is that they usually offer free reader software and some offer free web Usenet (reading newsgroups in your browser).

A totally different way of downloading is using file-sharing networks. But delve into it first, because Usenet vs torrents has its advantages and disadvantages. Downloading from YouTube is also an option, but how much does YouTube Premium cost?

Tip! Do you want unlimited downloads for the lowest price after your Usenet free accounts trials?
Then cancel your trial in time and go for one of the cheapest and best payservers!

Find the best deals that suit you by exploring our website. Helpful and informative.


Is there a free Usenet?

There is a free Usenet for a limited amount of time, when you use one of the free Usenet trials, like Easynews with a Usenet browser free of charge, and cancel in time.

How do I access Usenet for free?

You can get free access to Usenet by clicking on the “Start the x-day free trial” link and following the steps to get the Usenet free trials of any of our recommended providers (like Newshosting).

Is Usenet illegal?

Usenet is not illegal. But it always remains your responsibility what you do (illegal) on Usenet.

Does Usenet still exist?

Usenet does still exist of course, and it is now stronger than ever because it is a safer and more private way to download or exchange files. Most providers have free SSL encryption (like UsenetServer), which is recommended to use.

How to download from Usenet for free?

Find free Usenet downloads with these simple steps: try Usenet for free with trials like Easynews.

What is Usenet and how does it work?

Usenet is a distributed network of newsgroups. Its purpose was to enable global information sharing and communication amongst computer users.
The system works by allowing users to post messages or articles to specific newsgroups.

What are the best free Usenet server trials?

Some of the top free Usenet server trials include Eweka, Easynews, and Newshosting. Compare free newsserver trials with different access and retention levels provided by service providers to choose the perfect fit.

How can I get free Usenet access without paying for a subscription plan?

Explore free trial or promotional offers provided by Usenet service providers to enjoy their services without paying for a subscription. However, these offers may be subject to constraints and are usually offered for a restricted period.

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