Giganews Usenet services, known for their extensive experience and high-speed, secure connections.

While offering a diverse range of subscriptions and the unique addition of VyprVPN, customers have raised concerns over high costs and lack of Bitcoin payment options.

Weigh the pros and cons to determine if Giganews aligns with your Usenet requirements.

Packages with Speed and Price

Giganews offers various Usenet subscriptions with unlimited transfer, 100 connections, and SSL encryption, including access to No-Log VyprVPN. The subscriptions vary in duration, from monthly to yearly, with different discounts and free trial periods.

Giganews Plans:

Subscription DurationPrice per MonthFree Trial Period
1 Month$9.993 days
6 Months$9.1714 days
1 Year$8.3314 days
Incl. VyprVPN

All features – Binary retention and SSL

Giganews distinguishes itself as a Usenet provider with over two decades of experience, offering low binary Usenet retention (1825 days), but with access to more than 110,000 newsgroups and over 6570 days of text retention.

They offer unlimited speed and access on their global network with server clusters in North America and Europe, and are pioneers in providing SSL encryption for Usenet connections and VyprVPN for enhanced privacy and internet freedom.

Each GigaNews package includes:

  • Binary retention up to 1825 days
  • SSL encryption
  • Up to 100 connections
  • Unlimited speeds

Provider data

NameGiganews, Inc.
Address1044 Liberty Park Drive, Austin, TX, USA
E-mail address[email protected]

Payment methods

  • Credit Cards
  • Payment Systems – PayPal
  • Coin Payments – none

Experiences and reviews

Customers of Giganews complain on Trustpilot about declining quality and price discrimination, considering cancellation and looking for alternatives like Newsdemon. Despite more than 20 years of experience and fast servers, customers find Giganews too expensive and miss the option for Bitcoin payments.

Pros Giganews

  • Long-standing presence in the Usenet industry
  • Fast, proprietary servers
  • 100 connections
  • SSL encryption
  • Includes VyprVPN

Cons Giganews

  • Relatively high costs compared to other Usenet providers
  • No Bitcoin payment option
  • No option to pause subscriptions or flexible payment plans
  • Poor customer support
  • Decreasing retention times

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Written by Jerone Jones

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