Crave the era of effortless downloads? The digital game has evolved, but Usenet’s NZB sites are 2023’s key to an easy ride.

Join us as we unpack the best NZB sites, your gateway to Usenet’s treasure chest.

best NZB sites

Best NZB sites of today

Last update: 06-06-2023

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Top 5 Open NZB Sites


Easynews has set a new standard in the Usenet ecosystem by integrating fast Usenet connectivity with a web-oriented, mobile-compatible newsreader interface. This system spares subscribers the inconvenience of independently initializing, registering, and configuring the Usenet service, newsreader applications, and an NZB index.

All you need to do is open your preferred web browser, navigate to Easynews, and you’re good to go. The newsreader’s web interface is well designed and intuitive, making it easy to search and find the desired files.

Additionally, Easynews provides access to various newsgroups where users can discuss and share articles on different topics. For those who prefer to use indexing sites, Easynews offers the biggest NZB index with file previews, advanced filters, video streaming with Chromecast support, and the most accurate results of all the Usenet search engines.

Check out our Easynews review.


Another open NZB site worth checking out is NZBFinder, one of the best indexers for high-quality audio, video, SD releases, books, and other miscellaneous files. NZBFinder is a community-based NZB forum that offers both free search and premium account options for speedy access.

Given its user-friendly layout and dependable material, it has received numerous favorable evaluations from users. Additionally, for those looking for even faster access to Usenet content, NZBFinder offers integration with Easynews.


Shifting gears to the community-based indexer, NZBGeek is an open registration platform that operates using a Newznab interface. As a popular NZB site, users can enjoy up to 200 NZBs per day, making it one of the fastest indexers for quick Usenet access.

The website’s welcoming community ensures an enjoyable experience for its users, with a vast collection of Usenet content.


NZBGrabit serves as a publicly accessible indexing platform for NZB and ZIP downloads. The website doesn’t rely on automation but rather on its members who manually upload NZBs.

This unique approach ensures that the files available on NZBGrabit are of high quality, making it an excellent option for users who value top-notch content.

VeryCouch LazyMuch

VeryCouch LazyMuch stands as an eminent player in the realm of cloud-based media entertainment services, offering a substantial amount of media access points and API requests for its non-subscription users. If users decide to embark on a journey with their lifetime plan, they are greeted with even more features, unlimited APIs, and unrestricted media access.

But it’s important to keep in mind that Very Couch Lazy Much may not cater to the preferences of heavy streamers since it doesn’t explicitly detail its content retention on the website.

Top 5 Invite-Only NZB Sites

Drunkenslug login screen


DrunkenSlug is a top-tier invite-only NZB indexer site that has been online since 2013. It is highly regarded in the Usenet community for its exceptional retention rates for binary posts and strong user base.

As one of the best indexers available, DrunkenSlug offers both APIs and NZBs for downloaders looking for specific content. For those who value detailed information, DrunkenSlug also provides NFO files to aid in their search.

If you are looking for a reliable indexer site, DrunkenSlug is definitely worth considering.


DogNZB, another highly regarded invite-only site, has gained recognition for its custom, easy-to-use interface and ample high-quality content. The platform has been a top NZB site for several years, successfully catering to members looking for comprehensive indexing services.

With an intuitive layout, strong NZB search capabilities, and a good selection of content, DogNZB consistently proves itself as a formidable indexer in the Usenet world. Its extensive indexers provide easy access to a wide range of NFO files.

If you are looking for a reliable indexer, DogNZB is definitely worth your consideration.

NZB Planet


NZBPlanet is an invite-only NZB site that offers premium features, including a built-in calendar and upcoming releases section, making it a popular choice for users. This Newznab-based platform has a sizeable community of members who contribute to the quality and consistency of the NZB forum.

With a robust database and well-implemented search features, NZBPlanet delivers excellent results for both new and seasoned users. The platform also supports NFO files, making it easier to access essential information about your downloads.

Additionally, NZBPlanet is one of the best indexers available, providing a comprehensive collection of NZBs.


OmgWtfNZBs is a highly refined NZB platform that has been operating seamlessly for a considerable length of time. This invite-only Usenet search engine indexes NZB files and offers advanced search capabilities with good results.

Users can expect organized and efficient NZB search results from OmgWtfNZBs, thanks to its dedicated user base and consistent updates to indexed content. Additionally, the platform includes a forum for discussion among users.



Lastly, NZBCat is a highly recommended invite-only (+registration) NZB site that offers expansive indexing services for a wide array of content. The platform’s interface is user-friendly, making it an excellent choice for both new and experienced users.

With high retention rates among its indexed content and a passionate community of users, NZBCat continues to be a go-to destination for Usenet enthusiasts seeking updated and high-quality files.

NZB Forums / Community

Many Invite-Only NZB search sites are forums, which are communities where members can share NZBs and make requests. Often, an NZB forum is also just a pleasant place to chat. You also get support from the group if, for example, you do not know how to open an NZB file.

NZBGet Forums

NZB Sites and Usenet Search Engines explained

NZB sites, such as DogNZB and NZBPlanet, are excellent websites for users looking to download and share digital content from the vast depths of the Usenet ecosystem, including newsgroups. These platforms facilitate access to millions of NZB files, which are essentially metadata files that point to content stored on Usenet data servers.

By using Usenet sites and search engines, users can easily find and download content from the expansive Usenet network in a structured and organized manner.

NZB Sites (NZB Web) vs NZB Search

NZB sites offer a meticulously chosen range of NZB files, which is not the case with Usenet search engines. They generally have file groupings, filtering alternatives, and a social aspect which can enhance the search experience. On the contrary, the best NZB search engines such as Binsearch usually have a comprehensively extensive index of Usenet content but may be missing the personal touch provided by NZB sites.

However, each choice has the potential to produce remarkable outcomes, simplifying the process for individuals to locate the information they seek. Moreover, specialized websites, called indexers, exist to arrange and index Usenet groups. NewzLeech is a prominent example, renowned for effectively cataloging the biggest Usenet database.

Pro’s of NZB Sites

On NZB download sites, you will find verified NZB files divided into categories. This ensures a simpler search for desired content and aids in warding off malicious software and computer viruses.

Con’s of NZB Sites

The disadvantage is that these categories are classified and updated manually, by humans. So it is not always complete and it varies from one NZB site to another.

NZB download categories

Usenet Provider needed

To maximize the benefits of using NZB sites and NZB search engines, it is crucial to secure a reliable and high-quality Usenet provider. These providers facilitate access to Usenet servers enabling users to download NZB files (content) referenced in the NZB files.

Some of the best Usenet providers, such as Newshosting, offer fast download speeds of any file size and high retention rates for newsgroups. These providers are also compatible with popular indexers like NewzLeech and third-party automation tools such as Sonarr, CouchPotato, and SABnzbd.

In recent years, a growing number of NZB index sites, like NZBGeek, have emerged, catering to varying user preferences and requirements for Usenet search results. Some sites are free to use and offer open registration, while others are accessible by invitation only.

Free Usenet Search

Users can often choose between free accounts (free Usenet search) with limited features or paid accounts that provide additional functionality such as unlimited downloads, API access, and other premium features.

Additionally, many of these sites utilize popular indexing platforms like Newznab and nZEDb, which serve as a reliable Usenet search engine for accessing Usenet newsgroups with a consistent and familiar interface for users.


In conclusion, NZB sites and Usenet binary search engines are invaluable resources for those looking to delve into the incredible world of Usenet. By choosing the appropriate platform and pairing it with a reliable Usenet provider, users can unlock access to an immense archive of digital content and resources.

Whether it’s downloading files, accessing newsgroups, or simply exploring the vast landscape of Usenet, these tools offer an essential gateway for engaging with this expansive online ecosystem.

Offline NZB sites

Offline NZB communities / forums / sites

Since there are always NZB sites going down / offline, below is an online NZB-sites top 10 (random order).

  • (stopped)
  • (download only with VPN NL)
  • (stopped)


How do I search for NZB files?

You can search for NZB files using the NZB free online sites listed in this post.

How to find NZB files?

If you’re looking for NZB files, there are several NZB indexing sites. Just remember to always be cautious when downloading files from the internet.

How to download NZB files?

To download NZB files is actually pretty simple. All you need is a special program called an NZB downloader.

How to use NZB files?

You need to use a Usenet client, like SABnzbd, NZBGet or Newsbin, after downloading NZB files, to open them. These clients will then download and decode the files for you. Remember to configure your client with your Usenet server login details.

How we tested the best NZB indexing websites?

We tested them by going through a lot of different NZB sites and checked out how easy they were to use. Then we looked at how many files they had available to download. Finally, we made sure that the site wasn’t trying to scam you or spread viruses.

What are the Best Usenet Sites of today?

As reviewed recently, some of the best Usenet sites include NZBPlanet, NZBFinder, Usenet Crawler, NZBGeek, and Easynews.

Do I need a Usenet service provider to download from NZB sites?

Yes, you do. Unlike torrent sites, which operate through peer-to-peer sharing, NZB sites require a Usenet provider to download files.

What is an NZB file?

An NZB file is an XML-based file format that contains information about files for use with NZB sites. It allows you to download specific files with your Usenet provider.

What is one of the best features of NZB sites?

One of the best features of NZB platforms is the integrated search function, facilitating a hassle-free hunt for the specific files you intend to download.

What are some of the top Usenet providers for downloading from NZB sites?

Some of the top Usenet providers for downloading from NZB sites include Easynews, UsenetServer, and Newshosting.

How many downloads a day can I expect from an NZB site?

This can vary depending on the site and your Usenet service provider, but many NZB sites allow for unlimited downloads per day.

What distinguishes popular NZB sites from one another?

Popular NZB sites are distinguished by their search interface, the quality of the site, the size of their NZB search index, and other features like API calls.

Which NZB site is known for being a community-based site?

NZBGeek is known for being a community-based NZB site with a loyal user base and active forums.

Can I use NZB sites for free?

Some NZB sites offer free membership and features like a limited number of downloads or a limited number of search options. However, for high speed Usenet access and unlimited NZBs, you will need to pay for a Usenet provider.

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