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Discover Pure Usenet: an affordable Tier 1 provider with fast downloads and plans for every need.

Enjoy unlimited data, high retention, and great prices, especially for slower internet connections. Note: Limited connections and no VPN service.


For over 12 years, we at ShareConnector have been immersed in the Usenet market, analyzing news group services in terms of download completeness, retention, speed, and price. Thanks to our experience, we’ve assisted many in making informed choices and navigating the Usenet world.

Hey, just got the scoop from ShareConnector’s team on Pure Usenet – they’ve given it a 3.9. Why, you ask? Well, it’s missing some extras like a VPN (not a biggie for everyone) and it’s a bit stingy on connections. So, if you’re rocking a 1Gbps connection, don’t expect to hit top speeds with this one.

Who are they?

Pure Usenet is the most affordable Tier 1 provider among the payservers we’ve experienced and tested so far. But does that mean it’s not good? Nah…

Company namePure Usenet
AddressLakahraun EHF
Sudurlandsbraut 18
Reykjavik 108 Iceland

Price / Packages

Pure Usenet has a wide range of wide range of plans based on your needs. It’s entry plans (based on your desired connection speed) offer you a competitively priced 20 GB high speed package, which is sufficient for most users. 

Pure Usenet Special

Pure Usenet best deal

Signing up to pure Usenet now you can use the best special offer from Pure Usenet that we have seen in a long time. Pure Usenet also offers SSL protection. 

Pure Usenet prices

Pure Usenet has to offer these features with the XXL package:

  • 100% unlimited newsgroup downloads
  • 100% unlimited speed
  • Access to the fastest Tier-1 network and server farms in the EU and U.S.
  • Enough connections (20) to maximize your ISP speeds
  • 7 day free trial with unlimited data

They also offer tiered plans with speed options or on other words, download speed caps ranging from 20 Mbps to 60 Mbps. The most affordable Pure M package limits you to 20 Mbps and 8 connections download-speed and for 60 Mbps you can choose the Pure XL package. 

Pure Usenet doesn’t offer a newsreader with any of the packages. A year package, will get you a 20% discount

Payment Avenues

Payment methods depend on your location and plan. Choose from credit cards, SEPA direct debit for recurring plans, or options like iDeal, Bitcoin, and more for non-recurring plans.

Connectivity / Settings 

Here are the server details to connect any newsreader, like SABnzbd, to Pure Usenet servers:

  • NNTP server address:
  • SSL ports: 563 and 443
  • Non-SSL ports: 119 and 80
  • Maximum connections: 20
  • 4100 days of binary retention

To sign up, you need to provide your email address and you’ll receive an email with your username and password (no Dutch IP address required). That’s all you need to get access to Usenet.


With 6 simultaneous connections (the Pure M package should suffice), you can reach 200 Mbps on Spotnet, and with 12 connections, even up to 400 Mbps (the Pure XL package would be enough for such a connection). Pure Usenet is perfect for speeds up to about 600 Mbps; if you have a faster connection, consider checking out UsenetServer reviews.

It’s very suitable for slower ADSL/VDSL connections because you can opt for lower speed/price. However, it’s not suitable for Android or other mobile devices. For more days of retention and speed, check out our Eweka reviews. The Tweaknews deal is also worth considering.

UPDATE: Since writing our review in 2016, speed and retention have significantly increased. We plan to retest this soon. However, we have done many other Usenet reviews over the years.

Pure Usenet review

Retention & Download Completion

While Pure Usenet may not offer the highest retention like more expensive Usenet providers, it’s sufficient for most users primarily downloading recent material. The download completion is good, although it may be better with pricier options.

The holding period of files remains a crucial aspect of Usenet services, and here’s what to look out for:

  • Whether all articles in newsgroups are stored for the entire holding period.
  • Whether the exact retention period is clearly stated on the website.
  • Whether article titles are saved for easier searching.
  • A good Usenet provider is recognized by increasing storage capacity and retention.

The download completeness is also slightly better with more expensive services, but overall we received the test files well. With Astraweb, for example, we noticed recently that completion rates are going downhill.

Customer Support

PureUSENET provides customer service in both English and Dutch. Support is accessible via email, ensuring a responsive experience. Need help? Email [email protected].

With PureUSENET, navigating their user-friendly website is a breeze. Handy: a knowledge base for all your queries, and easy management of your subscription, whether upgrading or downgrading.

In summary, Pure Usenet offers affordable access with solid download speeds, minus a VPN service. Ideal for up to 20 connections and high retention, use an NZB indexer for specific Usenet searches.

Let everyone know your experience in the comments of this Pure Usenet review. Thanks!

Pure Usenet Editor's Rating

Editor's Rating:


  • Unlimited data
  • High binary retention
  • High speeds
  • Best price for slower internet connections
  • Bitcoin payment
  • 7-day free trial


  • Relatively few connections
  • No additional features

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pure Usenet?

Pure Usenet is a high-quality Usenet provider that grants speedy and stable access to Usenet newsgroups, while boasting servers in Europe.

What kind of Usenet service does Pure Usenet offer?

Pure Usenet has amongst others an unlimited Usenet service with 20 connections and free SSL encryption.

What is the best Pure Usenet plan for me?

The best Pure Usenet plan for you is tailored to your internet connection and Usenet experience. Pure Usenet has multiple plans to choose from including XXL and XL plans for users who require more data usage and speed.

How many simultaneous connections does Pure Usenet allow?

Pure Usenet allows for up to 20 simultaneous connections for its XXL plan and up to 12 for its XL plan and 8 for the M plan.

Does Pure Usenet offer good performance?

Yes, Pure Usenet offers excellent performance with lightning-fast download speeds and reliable connections while also offering very competitive prices.

Do I need a specific location to sign up with Pure Usenet?

You don’t need a specific location to sign up with Pure Usenet. Connect with IP-addresses from anywhere on the planet.

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