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UsenetServer is praised for its cost-effective unlimited access, fast server speeds, extensive retention, and free VPN service, making it an attractive choice for Usenet users.

However, its limitations include a lack of diverse payment options and no real-time customer support.


For over 12 years, we at ShareConnector have been deeply involved in the Usenet market. We have long analyzed newsgroup services for factors like download completeness, retention, speed, and price. Thanks to our extensive experience, we have helpedmany make informed choices and navigate the world of Usenet.

After a thorough review on 28-11-2023 by our team at ShareConnector, UsenetServer has scored an impressive 4.4. This places UsenetServer near the top of our list of Usenet providers, all thanks to its superior features.

Who are they?

UsenetServer, a premier provider of Usenet services, offers unbeatable value with unlimited access, fast speeds, and extensive retention. With standalone data centers in the US and Europe, they ensure top-quality service. Enjoy complimentary perks like Global Search and a zero-log VPN, all without any bandwidth limits.

For outstanding Usenet value, UsenetServer is your go-to choice.

Company nameUsenetServer
Address807 W Morse Blvd Ste 101, Winter Park,
Florida, 32789, United States

Price / Packages

UsenetServer offers two straightforward Usenet newsgroup access plans – a monthly plan and a yearly plan. Both plans include unlimited, SSL-encrypted downloads and some of the best features in the business.

ShareConnector Special Discount

ShareConnector offers an exclusive 60% lifetime discount Get a 60% lifetime discount through ShareConnector.

Both plans provide true unlimited access. Unlike other providers that claim unlimited access but have a monthly ‘soft cap’ on the amount of data you can access, UsenetServer isn’t one of them.

  • 14-Day Free Usenet Account (trial)
  • Unlimited downloads and access to newsgroups.
  • Multiple simultaneous connections for faster downloads.
  • 100% unrestricted speeds – no speed throttling.
  • Access to fast Tier-1 networks and servers in the EU and US.
  • Free Newsreader included.
  • High retention with massive storage architecture.
  • Access to nearly every Usenet article worldwide.
  • Complete completeness – no loss of articles.
  • Free 256-bit SSL encryption for security and privacy.

That’s what you can expect with one of the best Usenet services.

    UsenetServer Pricing

    Both Usenet plans have got you covered with all the essentials. And hey, at just $7.95 a month for an annual account, it’s seriously one of the coolest deals you’ll find out there right now.

    Free Usenet Search

    You get unlimited use of UsenetServer’s Global Search, which is pretty awesome. It’s like the coolest Usenet indexer around, letting you search all over Usenet and whip up NZB files with ease.

    Payment options

    You can only pay by credit card or PayPal.

    Connectivity and Configuration

    Here are all the configuration details to connect your UsenetServer account with any newsreader, like a Mac Usenet client:

    • Address:
    • Ports: 20, 23, 25, 119, 3128, 7000, 8000 and 9000
    • SSL ports: 563, 443 or 8080
    • Connections: 20
    • Retention: 4619+ days (both binary and text)


    UsenetServer boasts a rapid global backbone, partnering with over 800 internet providers for unthrottled, high-speed access. In tests, even with just 7 connections in The Hague, speeds reached a steady 300 Mbps – a benchmark only the best Usenet services achieve.

    Check out our other Usenet reviews to see how UsenetServer stacks up against the big guns. If you’re hunting for a sweet deal with 20 connections, our Pure Usenet review is right up your alley.

    For more insights, head over to our review section where you’ll find the lowdown on providers like Easynews and Newshosting. And hey, if a European provider is more your thing, we’ve got the scoop on some cool Dutch options like Eweka and XSNews.


    While some providers give you just months or years of retention, UsenetServer’s rocking a solid 15 years and counting. This means you get access to a seriously huge stash of articles.

    Download completion

    Testing was a breeze – no missing data, not even in binary or text articles. Managed to snag articles over 4,000 days old, no sweat. UsenetServer[i] claims a 99%+ completion rate, and it shows. They’re hooked up with tons of Usenet providers, so you can pretty much grab any article out there on the Usenet.

    UsenetServer VPN

    ShareConnector visitors enjoy a special yearly deal with a free Usenet trial and PrivadoVPN account at no extra cost, including easy-to-use VPN clients for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, all with unlimited bandwidth. Prefer a monthly plan?

    Add this VPN for just $4.99 per month, or better yet, go for the annual plan for a free VPN.

    Operating Systems

    Grab the ShareConnector exclusive offer and get a free zero-log VPN from PrivadoVPN. It’s super versatile – works on Windows, Mac-OSX, Linux, iOS, and Android.

    Easynews works with these operating systems


    The UsenetServer PrivadoVPN offers access to 48 Countries an 65 cities with Hundreds of Servers.


    Connect up to 10 devices with UsenetServer’s Privado VPN, offering unlimited server switching, data transfers, and volume. Enjoy this top-notch VPN for free with the 12-month deal.


    To start, UNS offers a well-organized knowledge base on its user-friendly website.

    Simply send an email to [email protected] and you’ll immediately receive a confirmation with a ticket number.

    A personal response from one of their customer service representatives will follow shortly. They’re there to answer your questions and resolve issues, ensuring you enjoy uninterrupted UsenetServer service.


    Price: 7.95

    Price Currency: $

    Operating System: Windows, Mac

    Application Category: Usenet

    Editor's Rating:


    • Best value for unlimited Usenet
    • Independent backbone
    • Longest retention (text and binary)
    • Usenet search feature
    • Free VPN-service


    • You cannot pay with iDeal

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How to Setup SABnzbd with Usenetserver?

    To set up SABnzbd with UsenetServer, fill out the configuration details we listed in this review at Connectivity and Configuration.

    How does UNS global search function work?

    UNS Global Search is a search interface that allows UsenetServer subscribers to peruse the widespread Usenet posts efficiently. It operates like a search engine called ‘Nzb search’ and presents the search results directly to users.

    What does it mean that UsenetServer operates on tier-1 Usenet?

    As a tier-1 Usenet provider, UsenetServer manages its own server clusters, ensuring superior maintenance, quicker connections, and top-notch retention rates through direct server access.

    How can I cancel my UsenetServer account?

    To cancel your UsenetServer account:
    -Log into your UsenetServer account on their website.
    -Go to the account settings or subscription management area.
    -Choose the option to cancel your subscription and follow the steps provided.

    Written by Adi Moore

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