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Support provides a user-friendly interface along with dependable uptime, although there are other platforms with similar features readily at hand.
It draws in a number of users with its customizable search settings and complimentary service tier, yet doesn’t quite measure up in terms of content retention and reach when pitted against other platforms.


Thinking about giving a spin? It’s a decent spot for hunting NZBs, although it won’t blow your socks off with its 2000-day retention and limited free user perks.

Dive in without an invite, test the waters with a free account, or go VIP if you feel like splashing out a bit.

Key Takeaways

  • Content indexing places on par (or below) with other NZB sites in rankings.
  • has a moderate retention rate of 2000 days.
  • Membership options include a single price point for paid membership, 180 or 360-day options, and a VIP membership level with additional benefits.
  • offers standard support options, including contact options, an active forum, and community participation, ensuring users have the help they need.


Trial PeriodNone
RegistrationFree and open
Subscription Durations / PlansVIP membership available with 180-day and 360-day plans
PriceFree for basic; VIP: $9 for 180 days, $15 for 360 days
Free User NZBs5 NZBs for free users
Free User API’sFree users do not get API access; VIP users get 5000 API hits
Frequency of Index UpdatesIndexer runs at regular intervals
RetentionUp to 2000 days
Third-Party IntegrationsAPI Integrations with SabNZBd, NZBVortex, CouchPotato, etc.
Security MeasuresSSL encryption
Groups CrawledApproximately 50 groups
Search FiltersBasic search functionality
AdvertisementsAds exist for free members; no ads for VIP members
RSS SupportRSS Feeds available
Customer SupportEmail and contact form available
Payment MethodsCredit card and Bitcoin; manual payment option available
Status/Uptime ChartsGood uptime average with detailed uptime statistics provided
Exclusive Features for PremiumMore NZB grabs and API hits, no advertisements, access to forums, light or dark template choice


The interface of is designed with user-friendliness in mind, making navigation intuitive and straightforward. The clean layout and organized structure allow for easy access to various features and settings.

In addition to its simplicity, the interface caters to both novice and seasoned Usenet users by offering basic to advanced search filters. This adaptable interface ensures a smoother user experience, allowing individuals to customize their interactions according to their level of expertise.

Uptime and Responsiveness

The uptime of is commendable, with only occasional downtime for server maintenance ensuring the platform remains reliable for its users. This high availability underscores the site’s commitment to providing uninterrupted access to Usenet resources.

In terms of responsiveness, boasts a quick search response time, enhancing user experience by providing immediate feedback. This responsiveness, paired with an intuitive interface, makes navigating through vast Usenet content a breeze, reaffirming’s position as a top-notch NZB site.

Content Indexing’s content indexing is fairly basic, crawling approximately 50 newsgroups which, compared to other NZB sites, is on the lower side (for example, DogNZB crawls 400+ groups). This limitation could hinder the variety and the amount of content available for users.

Additionally, while the retention rate is highlighted as a strong point on the platform, it is actually not at par with some of the leading NZB sites. The offering of 5 NZBs for free users is standard, however, the lack of free API calls, which are commonly provided on other platforms, might affect the user’s ability to automate their Usenet interactions. review

Membership offers various membership options catering to different user needs. A single price point for paid membership, alongside a choice between a 180 or 360-day membership duration, provides flexibility and addresses different budget ranges. However, it is not as bad as the 500 days retention found in our OmgWtfNZBs review.

On upgrading to the VIP membership level at $15, users unlock a realm of additional benefits including more NZB grabs and API hits. This level also provides an ad-free experience and exclusive forum privileges, enhancing the user’s interaction with the NZB community and the platform.

Support provides regular support options for its users. If you need to get in touch with them, you can contact them through their email address, [email protected], or by using the contact form on their website.

They also have an active forum where you can participate in discussions and get help from other members. Forum participation allows you to connect with the community and share your experiences and knowledge.

Whether you have a question, need assistance, or want to contribute to the community, the forum is a great resource. Review | A Stable Option for NZB Searches in 2024

Editor's Rating:


  • User-friendly interface
  • Reliable uptime
  • Customizable search settings
  • Complimentary service tier
  • VIP membership benefits
  • Extensive support options
  • High retention rate
  • Multiple payment options


  • Limited content indexing
  • Lower content retention
  • Ads for free members
  • No free API access
  • No trial period
  • Few groups crawled
  • Basic search functionality for free users

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Payment Options Available for Purchasing a Membership on Nzb.Su?

For purchasing a membership on, there are multiple payment options available including credit card and bitcoin payments. The membership benefits include access to a wide range of NZBs and APIs, as well as forums and additional features.

Does Nzb.Su Have Any Downtime or Is It Always up and Running? experiences occasional downtime, lasting no more than 30 minutes. This downtime is due to server maintenance and does not occur frequently. The website has a good uptime average and is generally up and running.

Are There Any Limitations or Restrictions on the Free Level Membership?

There are limitations on the free level membership of, such as advertisements and certain features being unavailable. However, support is available through email and a forum, and payment options include credit card and bitcoin.

Can I Register for an Account on Nzb.Su Without Needing an Invite?

Yes, you can register for an account on without needing an invite. The registration process is open to anyone and does not require an invitation.

How Can I Contact Nzb.Su for Support?

You can contact for support through their email address, [email protected], or by using the contact form on their website. They also have an active forum for posting and replying to topics.

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